About Firoz Patel

Firoz Patel is the Executive VP of Payza, a leading global online payment platform. Aside from his responsibilities at work, Firoz is devoted to philanthropy and the development of his charitable foundation. He was raised not only in an entrepreneurial environment, but also a philanthropic one.

Firoz Patel’s father developed a program in India that donated scholarship funds to children in India who excelled academically. Education can be expensive and many children growing up in the countryside of India don’t see the value in education. To incentivize children to continue their schooling, the Patels wanted to offer free education for those who could not afford it. Helping one’s country and community were vastly important growing up and Firoz Patel is proud to be able to dedicate a portion of his life to philanthropy.

Firoz Patel’s pride and glory in the world of philanthropy is the development of his own foundation in Western Africa. The foundation’s goal is to raise money and aid for countries in Western Africa. The charity helps build homes , and provides electricity and clean water in the region.

Access to clean water is a major issue in Africa, the issue is responsible for killing a child a minute. 800 million people around the world do not have access to clean water, and women in Africa must walk an average of 6 km each day to find clean water. As many as 59% of individuals in Africa do not have access to water within 200 meters of where they live. Women use about 85% of their daily energy working to obtain a resource that should be readily available.

To solve these issues, Firoz Patel is focused on developing solar powered wells that automatically pump water in nearby villages using clean, natural energy instead of human energy. This will not only provide greater access to clean drinking water, it will give people in these villages more time and energy to spend on strengthening their communities.

With so much potential from a multitude of untapped resources throughout Africa, Firoz Patel believes that finding seemingly simple solutions to daily problems will give people in these developing countries a better chance to become major global contributors in a number of sectors. Firoz has always felt that his civic duties extend not just to his immediate surroundings, but to the world around him. Helping those who are most in need anywhere is a moral imperative for Firoz.

Aside from donating to worthy causes and developing his foundation, Firoz Patel has also visited Congo to speak with industry leaders and to gain a better perspective for creating a clear set of goals that fall in line with the mission statement for his foundation.

This blog will be devoted to educating readers about the unimaginable difficulties faced by Western Africans as well as the methods and channels as to how you can help improve their lives.